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Área de investigación en quiropteros



Waterway survey: Quirorius

From 2007 we are implementing a water way monitoring program inspired by the Bat Conservation Trust Waterway survey. More than 20 river transects are visited every year for counting Myotis daubentonii/capaccinii bats while hunting. More information


Monitoring bat boxes

For more than 10 years around 250 bat boxes have been checked in order to get data from bats in the Barcelona Natural Park Network. Bat boxes also have been deployed and monitored in wetlands with rice paddies and results regarding its occupation rates published (Flaquer et at. 2006).


SOS bats program

SOS bats is a service provided by the Government of Catalonia and the Museum to offer solutions to people who have a problem or question about bats. We offer for solutions to save bats and to get people freely decide if they want to coexist with bats at home.


Bats in caves or mines

The museum promotes a good practice code to safeguard cave dwelling bats.  These species are threatened due caving, tourism,  inappropriate closing, etc.

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